YouSwap V2 Trading and Liquidity Tutorial

I. Token Swap

Click [Swap] on the menu bar to enter the Swap page

1. Swap

Enter the contract address of tokens (the tokens on the white list can be directly searched by the name) you desire to swap, and then get the two-way swap done

(Aggregation trade can be done in a manner of sharing liquidity so as to increase the trade depth)

2. Trend

The left chart shows the price trend of the token pair. You can view the trend for the period of 24 hours, 1 week or 1 month

3. Hot Tokens

Click the [Flame] button and a list of recommended hot tokens will appear

PS. The tokens with high popularity are recommended by the YouSwap community based on the market analysis, which shall not be interpreted as advice to make investment

Select the hot tokens to make direct swap

II. Add and Remove Liquidity

Click [Liquidity] and [Add Liquidity]

Enter the amount and click Add to create LP

Click [Minus] to remove the liquidity

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