YouSwap V2 Pool Online Tutorial

I. Select a pool type

A pool can be classified into LP Pool and Single-token Pool or Fixed-term Pool and Irregular Pool.

II. Create a Pool

1. Pool Staking Setting

Select LP token or single token to be staked

PS. for LP pool (dual tokens), firstly set LP in [Add Liquidity], but no need for single-token pool. If there is a prompt that the price of this token cannot be displayed, the user needs to add liquidity first.

Click [More Settings].

Set [Pool Start Time] and [Max. Pool Staking Volume].

2. Pool APR Setting

Select Reward Token

Set the total reward volume and each block’s reward volume

(Each block on Heco and BSC takes about 3 seconds, and each block on ETH takes about 15 seconds.)

3. Invitation (Optional)

Invitation can be set with Level-1 and Level-2 bonus.

After the above settings are completed, the pool can be successfully created.

III. View my pool

The pool launched can be viewed in [My Pool], and the owner can adjust [Pool Rewards] & [Share] by himself.

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