YouSwap V2 Liquidity Mining

How to stake LP to the LP pool for mining

Enter the Menu Bar and click [Staking] to enter the staking mining page

Enter [Sector] and select [LP Token Mining].

Let’s take HUSD/USDT pools as examples. In the pop-up window of staking LP Tokens, enter the amount of LP tokens to be staked. Click [Confirm] and pay the Gas fees to start YOU mining. [MAX] button refers to one-click input of the maximum amount.

You can receive the yields as soon as you completed staking. Just click [Claim] to withdraw your yields

(APR is annual simple interest. The contract for claimable token is available at the left top corner)

You can click the [Unstake] to cancel the staking, or click [Unstake and Claim] to claim the mining rewards meanwhile unstake the staked LP-Token.

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