YouSwap Trading Carnival: Trade Popular Tokens(BNBH) to win Airdrop

BNBHero-the first BNB-based game, deposits and Gamefi earnings are based on BNB. This airdrop & trading contest is sponsored by BNBH community users and organized by YouSwap community.

Join and share the joy of trading, and enjoy a smooth trading experience and win awesome rewards!

Activity Time: 6:00 16/11/ 2021– 6:00 19/11/ 2021 (UTC)

Event 1: Claim BNBH Airdrop

1.Complete twitter tasks

(YouSwap Twitter:

2.Fill in the form:

Event 2: 1,750 BNBH Candy to Giveaway

Event Rules:

For the duration of the event, connect your BSC wallet to YouSwap V2 and trade BNBH on YouSwap V2 (

Wallet addresses with accumulated trading volume greater than 100 USDT will be qualified for this event!

The event shall be designated to run on BSC chain, and the top 50 users according to their cumulative trading amount on their addresses on BSC chain are qualified to draw rewards.

Event rewards (1750 BNBH)

Rank according to trading amount:

1st place: 300 BNBH

2nd place: 200 BNBH

3rd place: 100 BNBH

From 4th to 10th place, each person can get 50 BNBH

From 11th to 30th places, each person can get 30 BNBH

From 31st to 50th places, each person can get 10 BNBH


  1. The rewards shall be paid within 7 working days after the event ends;
  2. Users who have been found to submit multiple entries will be disqualified for rewards and banned. Duplicate entries will be disqualified.
  3. The popular coins are all selected by the community according to the popularity, and the data is open, which shall not be interpreted to make investment advice;
  4. YouSwap reserves the right of final interpretation for this event.



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