Statement on YouSwap’s Suspension of Chinese Community Volunteer Operation

Dear users,
On September 24, 2021, the Chinese government issued the Notice on Further Preventing and Dealing with Risks of Virtual Currency Trading and Speculation. To comply with local laws and policies, YouSwap will suspend the operation rights of Chinese community volunteers, stop exchanging and discussing topics related to virtual currency on Chinese social media, and suspend services to users in China. To prevent asset losses, Chinese users are requested to unstake, draw liquidity or dispose of assets by themselves as soon as possible. Since December 18, 2021, the official website of YouSwap has banned users in China from visiting, trading, mining, and accessing other services, with other areas not affected. All users’ assets in YouSwap are applicable to unstaking and liquidity withdrawal at any time. Don’t trust any links, information, etc. that lead you to transfer money to other platforms or addresses.

YouSwap was founded in Singapore in 2021. The core team members are technical geeks and senior blockchain practitioners from Silicon Valley, Singapore and other countries. On the basis of respecting local laws and regulations around the world, YouSwap will continue to adhere to the original intention, strive to explore and carry forward the spirit of decentralization, and contribute to the development and innovation of blockchain technology.

Thanks for your constant support for YouSwap!
December 24, 2021



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