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The success of Play-to-Earn mode makes GameFi the track of the most interest at present. Since the beginning of this year, NFT games have developed rapidly, and the trade volume of several popular games represented by Axie Infinity has experienced explosive growth in June and July. Many other games have also won the favor of capital as the ongoing bull market hits record highs. Currently, there are many kinds of GameFi projects, roughly falling into two modes though. One is to grant gamification functions based on the traditional liquidity mining mode. Such games usually require users to stake tokens or NFTs before they can start the game. The other is to directly turn the whole game process into a mining mode, so that users can play games immersively, and the game props or NFT equipment obtained in the process can be sold for profit.

How to grasp the current trend of GameFi and MEME, arrange for potential projects in advance, and take advantage of the price spike? Now that there are shortcuts, many encryption enthusiasts have recently been attracted by the Hot Coins sector in, which competes to recommend the recent hot tokens frequently and provides one-click swap service. It helps users quickly exchange hot tokens, and saves the time for users to search for information from major communities, to verify futures and check K-lines, thus shortening the verification period of users greatly. As long as you firmly believe the project itself and select the Token LOGO, the order can be placed with one click. Moreover, the [Aggregation Trade] function on YouSwap can make available the best trade route for users from multiple integrated protocols, so as to offer the users most favorable price and lower slippage to the maximum extent to reduce trade costs. With smooth trade and lower cost, it offers users more, faster, better and cheaper one-stop trades. Swap is highly praised by DeFi users for its excellent experience.

Community users’ summary of youswap trades

The trading trend is easy to understand

The devil is hidden in details, and what users like more is the visual windows on Swap interface for such data as token bid and ask orders, trends and market. Users can view the liquidity and trend of current trading pairs and check the trading record, rather than the token market on the market website. By viewing the order book of the current trading token pair, users can judge the activity of the token pair trade and the general trade slippage. The data visualization helps users understand the trade details more easily.

For example: CATE price trend
Figure: CATE order book
YouSwap has launched hot coins as of November 17.

At present, the hot coins that have been launched by YouSwap include ELMON combining the new-generation IDLE RPG (casual RPG game) and NFT, CEEK with a record 20,263.6% increase in one year as a pure metaverse subject; BNB Heroes, the first game that rewards players directly in BNB; CATE with an increase of 2142.1% in 30 days ….. more innovative projects such as GFloki, XMS, JOJO, PLSPAD, THG, GFI, BMON, SCOTTY, PROT, SWCAT, ANKR, BNX, WARS, QUACK. Some projects were later selected into CoinMarketCap The TOP 20 Most Viewed Metaverse Projects (it is worth noting that the recommendation time of YouSwap is about 7–14 days earlier than the launch time officially announced by CMC.)

Comprehensive filtering + intelligent audit is the “core” of hot coins

According to the hot coin review mechanism published by YouSwap community, multi-dimensional indicators such as background rating + star rating + popularity test help to quickly lock “hot coins”: First of all, the track direction is supreme; second, importance is attached to team experience (past success cases), community popularity and on-chain popularity; it is important to investigate the sound logic of project ecology (namely, products and mechanisms) and the token economic model (less circulation and slow release); last but not the least, comprehensively compare competing products, analyze and evaluate their market values, and focus on the disguised influence of upgrade plan on token price, which is also the biggest uncertainty in the evaluation project; after all the above requirements are met, see whether Twitter KOLs pay attention to and form a discussion group, to finally give online “hot coins” recommendation.

It’s never too late to start diving into the world of cryptocurrency. Whether you’re young or old, a pro or a newbie, YouSwap will provide you with an opportunity and a platform .Our community welcomes you to join us,we learn together with the fun way! We make cryptocurrencies available for everyone in a sleek,exciting,safety and simple , equipping you with experience and techniques to swap and mining on the go.

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