Results for YouSwap’s Kahoot Quiz on Discord!

Hey Community!

It’s no surprise that YouSwap has been growing as a whole community. With that in mind, we’ve started our Discord Channel to invite those who are more active on the platform to join! Although there aren’t too many members right now, we are growing slowly and steadily! Thanks everyone who joined our Discord Channel, we have huge plans for you!

Soon, YouSwap will be hosting Discord exclusive campaigns or airdrops, allowing our early supporters to have access to more perks! It goes without saying that Discord will be one of our major platforms where you can seek support from our fellow Community Managers. Haven’t joined and want to be a part of the community? Join here:

Kahoot Quiz Campaign

To commemorate our presence on Discord, YouSwap has held a Kahoot Quiz Campaign on 22nd September, 4 pm that’s exclusively held within Discord! For those who doesn’t know what Kahoot is, it is a platform that allows groups of people to compete through quizzes. We have a maximum slot for 10 pax and are surprised by the positive reception that we’ve received. Here’s a sneak peek of what took place:

Participants are tested on their knowledge of Crypto and unsurprisingly, many of them nailed it. Thanks to all who joined us in the Campaign! As promised, we will be giving all participants 10 YOU. The winners will get 100 YOU (1st place), 70 YOU (2nd place), and 50 YOU (3rd place)! YouSwap will be hosting another Kahoot quiz soon for those who have missed out!

The top three winners are:

  1. Sook
  2. 420BtyWizard
  3. Jackson Wang

Congratulations to these individuals! To all who joined the Kahoot quiz, please send us your wallet address so that we can transfer YOU tokens to you.

With that said, see you in the next one!

What is YouSwap?

For those who are unaware, YouSwap is an early-stage All-Eco DeFi platform built on multiple public blockchains. We stand by constant innovation to provide you with the best trading experience as your personal decentralised digital assets platform. Trade and provide liquidity with YouSwap’s optimised AMM with integrated resources for liquidity and swap pricing, increasing our exchange speed with low gas fees and an innovative tokenomics model. Interested? Find out more about us:

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