Instructions on V1 Pool Migration and V2 Pool Upgrading by YouSwap

Dear YouSwap users,

YouSwap V2 has been officially put into public beta on November 3rd, 2021, and the platform plans to terminate the block generating and mining reward of YouSwap V1 Pool on November 21st, 2021. Users can transfer LP liquidity to YouSwap V2 Pool and restart mining to obtain corresponding benefits. Meanwhile, YouSwap V2 Pool will launch more mainstream and popular token LPs and single-token pools, which will bring new experience to users and project owners, so stay tuned.

Highlights of YouSwap V2:

1. Self-added pool

Users can establish trading token pairs in YouSwap V2 by adding liquidity independently without any channel, directly customize the exclusive project-specified pool, and flexibly set the self-defined inviting benefits.

2. Aggregated liquidity

YouSwap V2 aggregates the liquidity of major DEXes, and automatically chooses the optimal trading price routes, thus to create a one-stop trading experience with multiple, rapid, easy and safe services for users.

3. Queryable trading records

Trading records are displayed and liquidity is visualized upon completion. Trading records generally show ten order books and the token price tendency, and the accurate price tendency helps to complete the trading.

4. Hot token recommendation

The community selects hot tokens each week to grasp the market trends, aggregate the A-list traffic and build up the money-making effect.


Q1: How to stake in V2 after the closure of V1 Pool?

A1: Users need to unstake the liquidity staken in V1 Pool and stake the same in V2 Pool. There’s no need to release liquidity during the prcess.

Q2: Do the three chains use the same website?

A2: The official website is used in the three chains, and YouSwap will enter different public chains through the used nodes.

Q3: Can the trading records or staking yields of V1 be directly transferred to V2?

A3: Not for the time being. The smart contracts of V1 and V2 are not interoperable, so users need to claim the yields manually.

YouSwap Community

November 18, 2021



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