Dear users,

YouSwap V2 has been officially launched. In order to help cryptocurrency enthusiasts quickly capture market hotspots and seize investment opportunities in hot tokens, YouSwap V2 has launched a new “hot token recommendation” function. We will cooperate with high-quality projects selected based on comprehensive consideration of the track, underlying technology, economic model, community popularity and team background.

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How to stake LP to the LP pool for mining

Enter the Menu Bar and click [Staking] to enter the staking mining page

Enter [Sector] and select [LP Token Mining].

Let’s take HUSD/USDT pools as examples. In the pop-up window of staking LP Tokens, enter the amount of LP tokens to be staked. Click [Confirm] and pay the Gas fees…

Dear users,

To celebrate the launch of YouSwap V2 version, everyone is encouraged to understand and use YouSwap V2 aggregated trading and new pool. YouSwap community decides to hold V2 carnival on BSC chain.

I. Popular coin trading event:

Deeply share aggregated trading, and enjoy smooth trading operation and great…


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